Seagulls are wailing over the bay. Caught on the wind they seem frozen in time. What creative force designed these angular things, so enraptured and free among the elements. 

The sun is aglow in the sky, half obscured by an off-white cloud. It casts its golden light onto the northern faces of the buildings in the city. The bay is flickering with white, almost like an overexposed photograph. 

The smell of salt water immediately launches me into a nostalgic trance. I can’t pinpoint the origin of the nostalgia, but it probably had something to do with childhood and lake Michigan. 

Balancing on the rocks, I am able to see the lapping waters twist moss like hair. Three stray cats live here, each another shade of gray, camouflaged among the stones. They are not here today but I see relics of their presence; fish bones. 

The bay bridge arcs into the lumbering green treasure island and vanishes behind it. When I squint I can see cars passing in the distance, reminding us of how small we in fact are. 

There is nowhere I would rather be right now. I sigh, swallow seagulls and seawater and the entire experience. Blessed. 



Steven Budden, HHWP, MFA runs Flow Healing Arts in the bay area, where he helps clients heal, flow, and transform.

“Using a unique combination of touch and compassionate inquiry, we can feel into our life experience to discover and release blocks that may be holding us back. When we release these blocks and flow into the present moment, the body’s innate intelligence system takes over and inspiring healing occurs naturally. This frees us up to love, work and play with our whole being. I call this being in “flow.” Are you open?”

Steven specializes in training clients to utilize suffering as a catalyst to spiritual unfolding, so that they may become the empowered creators of their own reality. His most recent book, Flow: An Illuminated Training Manual is a first hand account of his own journey as well as a primer for the healing techniques that he uses with clients. 

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